Our free range hen/duck eggs £1.50/£2.50 per ½ dozen
Homemade baked beans, ketchup and brown sauce full of flavour with reduced sugar and salt


Brown or white bloomer toast with butter and jam or marmalade £1.95
French toast with maple syrup/black strap molasses
Add bacon
Croissant with jam and butter £2.25
Pain au Raisan £2.25
Hot buttered Toasted Teacake £2.25
Montpellier Sunday Breakfast
Gloucester sausage, smoked bacon, two fried eggs or duck egg, tomatoes, mushroom & toast, baked beans, black pudding and bubble and squeak
Vegetarian Breakfast
Two fried eggs or duck egg, tomatoes, butter roast mushrooms, bubble and squeak, baked beans & toast
Australian Breakfast
8oz Flattened Rump Steak, fried eggs or duck egg and fries
Gloucester Sausage or Smoked Bacon in a buttered soft bap
Add fried egg
Healthy Breakfast
Three Egg Omelette with spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms
Energy: 251kCal; (9% RDA) Fat: 16.2g, of which saturates: 4.6g; Carbohydrates: 7.2g; Protein: 2.3g; Salt: 0.1g
Classic Eggs Benedict
with smoked salmon
with spinach
Scrambled Eggs on Toasted Muffin
with smoked salmon
with smoked streaky bacon
Granola, natural yoghurt or milk and berry compote £3.95
Jumbo Oat Porridge with banana and honey/black strap molasses £3.50

Served from 12.30pm

Brown and white bloomer with butter£1.50
Olives and Pickles£2.95
Roast Almonds£3.50
Crisp breads with humus and tapenade£3.95

Homemade Soup of the day£3.95
Charcuterie with pickles, tapenade and crisp breads£5.50
Black Pudding and Poached egg salad£4.95/£7.95
Mushroom and Tarragon Risotto£4.95/£7.95
Smoked Salmon on brown bread & butter£5.95
Thai Chicken Salad£5.50/£8.95

The Montpellier Roast Pork
With cauliflower cheese, three vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy
The Montpellier Roast Beef
With cauliflower cheese, three vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy
Avocado Chickpea Quinoa and Bean Salad
With coriander and lime dressing
Breast of Chicken
With bacon and mushroom cream sauce and sauteed potatoes

Homemade fries
Side Salad, Vegetable(s) of the day

Pudding of the Day£4.50
Chocolate and walnut brownie
With vanilla cream and dark chocolate sauce
Iced Baileys and Praline Parfait with toffee sauce£5.50
Cotswold Ice Creams: Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla 2/3 scoops£2.95/£3.95
Mature Cheddar or Stilton
With wafers, chutney and walnuts
one £4.95
two £5.95
* Denotes gluten free. Some dishes may contain nuts. Please ask your waiter or waitress if you are unsure.